How To Get Free Payoneer card In Nepal For Small Businesses

Payoneer makes it easy for freelancers and marketplaces to do business in a global environment.  

 Jobs for Freelancers-Earn money with any skill, use your money the way you want it. 

 Writing Jobs 
 Programming Jobs
 Designing Jobs
 Application Development Jobs 
Marketing Jobs

 Where can you find a Freelance Job?

 There are many sites available which allow the freelancers and contractors to interact with each other. These sites include oDesk, Freelancer, and Elance,Upwork ,Peopleperhour ,Guru etc. These sites make sure that the freelancer is being paid and it also keeps track of the freelancer's work to provide protection to the contractor. Some of the money is held by the sites from the pay of the freelancer, and the rest is given to him. They keep the money for providing the service.

 Hi, I use Payoneer debit card to get paid by my clients around the world. It is an easy-to-use platform, which enables online professionals, like you and I, to get paid by global customers in a safe, carefully, and secure way. How To Get Free Payoneer Card In Nepal ? Join me as a Payoneer  user and we will both get a $25 reward!

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 I am Gonna Tell You How To Apply Payoneer Debit Card In Nepal Step By Step:

First of All Sign Up :Click Here For Payoneer Sign Up 

Payoneer Sign Up Is 4 Process 

1.Getting Started

Personal Details

 You Have to Fill Up Your First Name, Last Name,Your Valid 

E-Mail  and You Date Of Birth Which one is your National id or Passport, You Must be Over 18 Years To Apply For This.

 2.Contact Details


    Select Your "Country" Your Full  "Street Address" Your Ward No Then After Fill Up Your "City" and Your Postal Or Zip Code and Finally  Your Mobile No....

Click Next Button

3.Security Details


Fill Up Your Username"Your E-Mail" Your Password Same on Both Field and Security Q and A

 4.Almost Done
 Last But Not List This is Verification Step You Must Fill All Field, Your Passport Or National ID Or Your Driver's License.
Your Name, Your Passport No, Date Of Issue And Date Of Expire,Your Country.

               Alternate shipping address

 You Can Choose Your Shipping Address If You Want Choose  Post Box Address.I recommended You To Choose Post Box Address Because Post Box Shipping Address Is More Secure Your Card To Arrived.

Finally Click For "ORDER" 

I Recommended  You One More Time Review Your Application Then Click For "ORDER" 

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